Who benefits from online high school?

http://www.KaplanOnlineSchools.com – Welcome to Kaplan Virtual Education. No Walls, no bells, no limits…how cool is that? As a student in online high school, when you no longer have to be in a particular building from 7 o’clock in the morning until 3 in the afternoon a whole world of possibilities open up to you.
Are you a candidate for Kaplan Virtual Education, online high school? Kaplan’s one-to-one instruction and broad curriculum including foundation, honors and AP courses appeals to students looking for the next academic challenge as well as those who need a little more time and support to get through their toughest subjects. This is a flexible, personalized alternative to the traditional high school that works for students from literally all walks of life.
•Working students
•Home-bound students

I was going to the local high school and because of the hectic schedule it just didn’t work out, so I switched to Kaplan. Kaplan’s perfect for me because when I’m working with my mom or my dad or in the family business it allows me to work whenever I need to, so I just love that about it. I’ve been able to experience traditional school activities like the literary magazine and creative writing club and it really is a community.
The important thing is that in online education we maintain the same rigor that you would expect in a traditional school, but we provide a lot of support that is really centered right around that student.
In a regular high school environment you have 20 kids next to you and one teacher which means that there’s more distractions. The best thing about doing online school with Kaplan is that I’m a phone call away from help. I can get my teacher to help at any time during the day.
Open up a world of possibilities. Sign up today for Kaplan Academy, a tuition-free online high school designed around you.

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