What Else Could I Do With a Teaching Degree?

What else could I do with a teaching degree? I can’t find a job with a public school.

You could go to work at a private school. They’re usually hiring.

That pays less than public school.

It’s more than the zero dollars a month you are getting now.

What else can I do?

You could make decent money teaching kindergarten at a daycare. Or work as a childcare worker, though that isn’t much more than minimum wage.

But at least you get discounts on childcare, if you have kids.

You could make a killing as a tutor. Depending on the subject, you could charge or more an hour teaching kids what the teachers didn’t.

Those jobs are only in the evenings and weekends.

So work at the prison.

Doing what?

Teach prisoners how to read. Or teach GED classes.

Or I could work with parents to understand their kids’ Common Core homework.

That’s a cross between tutoring, educational consulting and translator.

What else could I do?

Work as a proctor at a testing center.

That’s part time, usually in the spring when kids take the SAT.

People also take the LSAT, PE exam, GED and other tests. It’s year round.

I heard I could get a job as a health educator with my degree.

Some health education positions are open to teachers, others to medical professionals.

What else could I do?

Help write text books and test questions, or sell them.

Given all the complaints about Common Core, that’s going to be in demand.

Given all the parents switching to homeschooling because of Common Core asking kids what their parents believe and the political bias in it, you could probably make money as a tutor to homeschooling kids.

I thought they were taught by their parents.

Homeschooling coops are essentially private schools, and you could make a living teaching part time at several of them.

Now I’d be a school teacher who travels.

At least you’d be a teacher again.

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