What Can You Do With An Education Degree?

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What can you do with an education degree? I certainly love the idea of teaching, but I started asking myself this question early on in my career. More than anything, I enjoy the opportunity to help people become better in this life.

At the beginning of my career, I knew the basics of what I could do with my degree…..I could educate the future leaders of this country. I also started to see a few professionals move into the college ranks. This side intrigued me, for educating adults who knew where they were going seemed great. I never pursued this avenue, but it’s always a possibility.

I also saw professionals leave teaching to train in the corporate world, start their own tutoring business, and even jump into the corporate sector as an employee.

Then I saw teachers just like me working from home. They were using their teaching skills to become very successful with an online opportunity. They were making much more than they did teaching, and they didn’t work the long hours.

I watched my parents truly impact the lives of thousands of people in this world, but I never saw them get compensated for their hard work.

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