Truth about Narendra Modi Education Degree

So Modi only did SSC and rest was external exams. He didn’t go to college at all and just read books and gave external exams. And BTW – this is his version and still not verified under any proceeding. Regardless of external exam or not, he should have been given a degree but despite series of RTI’s no one has got information on Modi’s degrees.

This certainly requires detailed investigation by Election Commission of India.


External Degree ka kamaal to dekho.. #narendramodi

Dr. Manmohan Singh never said “I am Shri Dr. Manmohan Singh” but external degree holder Modi has put in his affidavit his name as “Shri Narendra Modi”

Have you written Shri before your name in any form or even in your school tenure?

Please see this ( refer page 11)

Also he has put facebook as faceboo – this despite being Gujarat CM and having all resources at his disposal to check his affidavit.

He is leaving Smriti Irani also far behind.

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