Top 10 Useless College Degrees and Classes

Top 10 Useless College Degrees and Classes

Some may argue that there’s no such thing as a useless degree — any education is a good education including many degrees from online schools and universities. However, these seemingly pointless studies may be an exception to that rule. Pay attention as we list the top 10 most useless college degrees.

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10. David Beckham studies — Staffordshire University, UK
9. Parapsychology — various colleges
8. Doctorate of Philosophy in Ufology — Melbourne University
7. The Phallus — Occidental College
6. Surfing Studies — Plymouth / Melbourne
5. Philosophy — various colleges
4. Queer Musicology — UCLA
3. Star Trek — Georgetown University in Washington
2. Golf Management — University of Birmingham / Florida Gulf Coast University
1. Art History — various colleges

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