The Enhanced Practicum | UBC Bachelor of Education Program

The University of British Columbia | Bachelor of Education Program

Following successful completion of a 10-week in-school practicum, all teacher candidates in the BEd program fulfill their practicum experiences through a 3-week Enhanced Practicum. In most cases, EDUC 430, the Enhanced Practicum, occurs outside schools. Research informs us that such “non-formal” educational involvement helps teachers develop a broader, more holistic view of education than practica limited to classroom settings.The Enhanced Practicum is guided by research and based on beliefs that teacher candidates, community partners and students all benefit.

Produced, shot and edited by Julie Oya.

John Yamamoto
Rod Brown
Anne Scholefield
Kate Mackay
Yuri Melnychuk
Claire Dickson
Timothy Ma

“College Rock (How To Hold The Guitar Right)” by Man Bites Dog

“Montmartre” by Jahzzar

“Last Dance” by Jahzzar

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