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Due to some questions about teaching English abroad, I decided to go ahead and make this informative video about programs that allow you to teach English in various foreign countries. Some countries require a Bachelor’s degree, while others require a TESOL/TEFOL/CELTA, etc. I also discuss some requirements for teaching English in South Korea, which is where I am headed in about a month. If you have any further questions definitely leave them in the comment section. Thank you for watching! Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE if this video was helpful in some way! πŸ™‚
Here are the links to the programs I mentioned in the video, along with others I have found through doing further research:
http://www.acle.org (Italy)
http://highereducation.frencheducation.org/teach-in-france (France)
https://www.ciee.org/teach/programs/spain/ (Spain)
All Over
http://greenhearttravel.org (Various countries)
https://www.teachaway.com (Various countries)
https://www.interexchange.org (Various countries)
https://www.ciee.org/teach/programs/ (Various countries)
South Korea
http://koreasda.com (Website I used)


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