Teacher Education Credential Programs at SDSU

College of Education Office of Student Services

The SDSU Teacher Credential Programs prepare highly qualified teachers by offering over a century of teaching and learning experience, all at an affordable cost. Annually, US News and World Report ranks the education programs at San Diego State University among the best in California and the very best of the 23 California State University campuses.

Read about six reasons why SDSU’s credential programs rank among the best.


Video created by the College of Education video production team:

Zev Lerner, Student Assistant Videographer
Manny Uribe, Multimedia Consultant

Special thanks to:
Scot Danforth, Professor and Director, SDSU School of Teacher Education
Kathleen Borsos-Wooley, Administrative Support Coordinator, SDSU School of Teacher Education
Valerie Pang, Professor, SDSU School of Teacher Education
Ross Goldman, Teacher, San Marcos High School
Julie Mottershaw, Principal, San Marcos High School
Elisa Allan, Teacher, Montgomery Middle School
Lenora Smith, Principal, Montgomery Middle School
Noemi Solorio, Teacher, Zamorano Fine Arts Academy
Carol King, Principal, Zamorano Fine Arts Academy

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