Teacher Education and Mentorship Advice | John Shufeldt Interviews Outlier High School Teacher

Teacher Education and Mentorship Advice | John Shufeldt Interviews High School Teacher

Dr. John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA, FACEP introduces outlier High School Teacher, Maribeth Sublette, in Outlier TV Segment One with advice about teacher education and mentorship.

Maribeth Sublette was recently interviewed for John Shufeldt’s book, Outliers in Education. In this Outlier TV segment, Maribeth sums up her background from Arizona State University (ASU), gives an insight to what she learned from her mentors and internships that helped her get ahead in teaching at a young age.

Maribeth taught high school English and AVID (Advance Via Individual Determination) for five years and is now developing an online leadership course for Outliers Publishing that pairs with the book LeadershipYOU: Your Future Starts With You.

More career tips and classroom management guidance is available in Maribeth’s interview in Outliers in Education by Dr. John Shufeldt. The book serves as a how-to guide for education majors and current teachers, designed to equip readers with classroom management tips, career advice, and act as a six segment mentorship session with seasoned elementary through college educators in various subjects.

The Outlier Series website linked above also has several free resources for teachers. There are many teaching methods, teaching strategies and teaching approaches that can be found on the website by clicking on the “Teachers” tab. These resources can be used for any teacher- elementary, middle school, and high school teachers, student teachers and even college instructors and professors. Check out the website for additional tips from Dr. John Shufeldt and more tips and tricks for teachers!

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