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In this video, I am showcasing a class assignment for a school project I had to do for my education class, which was to re-interpret a poem.

This video shows The Pathway–La Senda Antigua Church Sunday and Friday (upper class) classes. The Pathway–La Senda Antigua, is located in Norwalk, CA and I wanted to show the Children’s School Ministries because I was once part of this ministry for a while before I moved to college. During my time as a Sunday School teacher, I learned, loved and enjoyed greatly from it, because not only was I part of this team but the wonderful people that made up the whole church.

The Pathway has classes for:
-Pre-K (Ages: 3-5),
-Elementary (1st-2nd grade* & 3rd-5th grade),
-Middle School*
-High School

*Classes is not shown in the video

The message and purpose that I am interpreting is a poem that I found online called ‘Teachers’. In the poem ‘Teachers’, the message is stating that teachers will be there for their students to help them grow to, achieve their dreams, and guide them too. Showing the love that teachers have for their students.

Here is the poem “Teachers”

“Teachers are dedicated, to our education. This is their passion.
Their sincere kindness, their warm feelings, it brings us and they guide and protect us, under their wings.

They show us patience, and are ready to spread to their helpful advice to us and fills us up.

They don’t just instruct, but they encourage and believe, that there’s nothing out there, we cannot achieve.

They think about, our future all the time. They work endlessly to direct us, away from any conflicts and crimes.

At the end of the day, teachers do understand. It takes both tools and love, For our young minds to expand.”

And most importantly teachers are dedicated to the love of the subject and the kids by helping them grow each day.

Read more poems and short stories at

Thank you for taking your time in watching the video and/or reading this description! 😊

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