Should I Finish My Teaching Degree?

Struggling with the choice of finishing your teaching degree or not?

Hey mom! I wanted to talk something over with you.

You’re not pregnant are you?

No mom! It’s nothing really, I just need to clear my head and straighten some things out.

Oh thank goodness, you’ve never started a conversation like that so it scared the heck out of me. Well, I’m here to help.

Well, I was talking to some of the girls, and they were saying how much they loved my hair and makeup skills.

I did always say that you needed to go into Cosmetology.

I know, and I really like doing it. But the problem is, I’m really close to finishing my teaching degree.

I see. So you want to know if you should stay in school or go to beauty school?


(To herself) Well, that’s a change to “beauty school dropout.” (To girl) Why do you think you should stop going after the degree?

Basically, because I could be going to beauty school and getting that certification already. Then start making a better income faster.

Okay, and how long do you have until you finish your teaching degree?

About 8 months. I’m just really tired of working part time at the restaurant; I always come home smelling like cheese and have gravy in my hair.

Yes, you do…. Well, here’s my advice. The world is always going to need teachers, making that degree a great backup plan.

Even if I might not use it?

Well, that’s the thing; you know that you love to teach, and you know you like doing hair and makeup. But, if you put all your eggs in one basket with the beauty school, and it turns out that you don’t like the way the business works, or you aren’t making the money you thought you would then you’d be stuck.

Yea, but what are the chances of that happening?

Well, so you know, there are a lot of cosmetologists that are jobless and working from their homes. It can get expensive paying for space, and a lot of stylists pursue other things after finding that out.

Okay, I think knowing that, it would be smart to get the degree and then start the hair thing. In the meantime, I can practice on you!

Ummm, maybe that’s something else we need to straighten out…

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