Sarokaar – Autonomy of Higher Education & Research Institutions in India

Nobel Prize winner and renowned Economist Prof. Amartya Sen recently wrote a soon to be published essay for a publication questioning the policies of the present government. Prof. Sen also accused the current dispensation for abolishing the autonomy of higher educational and research institutions.

In this episode of Sarokaar we discuss the state of higher education in India in the context of Prof. Amartya Sen’s article. We try to explore whether the autonomy of higher educational institutions is in danger and whether it true that the government intervention in the autonomy of such institutions has increased; or is it a part of an older tradition of politics. It was also discussed whether the higher educational institution can be made free from government’s interference.

Guests: Dr. Bakul H. Dholakia, Former Director, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) ; Dr. Vinayshil Gautam, Former Director, Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM-K) ; Mridula Mukherjee, Historian ; Prof. Apoorvanand, Department of Hindi, University of Delhi ; Y. Sudershan Rao, Chairperson, Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR).

Anchor: Amrita Rai

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