POTUS 2016: Higher Education And Student Debt

Brian discusses higher education policies with James B. Milliken, chancellor of the City University of New York. In Evidence Based Politics, there isn’t a student debt crisis, but a student debt repayment crisis in the U.S., according to Susan Dynarski, professor of public policy, education and economics at the University of Michigan. (Taped: 04/27/16)

POTUS 2016 is a new half-hour weekly program, hosted by Brian Lehrer, with a roundtable of guests reviewing the week’s developments in the campaigns for President of the United States. A regular segment, “Evidence-Based Politics,” will look deeply into one timely campaign issue with a researcher who has published a rigorous study on the subject, countering half-truths and exaggerations with hard information. Popular WNYC Radio host Brian Lehrer moves into this new arena after hosting BrianLehrer.TV on CUNY TV for 10 years.

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