PoE – Philosophy of Education in Teacher Education Syllabi in India – Avinash Kumar

Event – International Seminar on Philosophy of Education, Bangalore
Date – 25-Jan-2013

Speaker –
Avinash Kumar, Student, M.A. Education, Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India

Abstract –
This paper investigates and attempts to answer three questions. First, what is the position of ‘philosophy of education’ in the syllabi of teacher education programmes in India? Second, is the way philosophy of education presently conceived and taught in teacher education programmes most conducive to the goal of developing teachers as required by National Curriculum Framework, 2005, and envisioned in National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, 2010? And third, can a re-conception of philosophy of education in teacher education, and a realignment of its contents and methods, assist in making teacher education more effective?

The author will begin by presenting the results and analysis of a survey of the B. Ed. syllabi of some Indian universities, and showing how philosophy of education in Indian teacher education still aligns more closely with the ‘traditional’ approach. Presenting a brief historical survey of the field of philosophy of education, the author then highlights some of the limitations of this approach and certain key features of the analytical school which replaced the former in some Western countries. The author then underscores the relevance of some salient features of analytical approach for contemporary teacher education, by showing its congruence with the ‘visions’ of a teacher in NCF, 2005 & NCFTE, 2010. The paper will conclude by suggesting that incorporation of certain features of the broadly conceived analytical tradition may better serve the needs and objectives of Indian teacher education

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