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MBA – What is MBA? What is Mastery? What is Business? What is Administration / Management? When Started MBA Program? What MBA Program Covers in 2 Years?
What Kind of Life You Can Expect During MBA 2 Years?

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration.
M – Mastery.
B – Business.
A – Administration.
– Most Popular course world over.
– MBA course was introduced in the late 19th century because of high-level industrialization and need for scientific management.
– MBA program Core Courses – designed to introduce students to the various areas of business functions such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, operations management, etc.
– Two options – general business courses / select an area of concentration.
– Over the two years of MBA, you’ll study about various factors (laws, trends, markets, economies) that effect businesses and the running of businesses.
– Project Work – To expose to ‘real-life situations’ in an attempt to understand reality.
– There are a number of subjects which simply broaden your perspective about everything.
– An MBA is a pretty intense program.
– Studying at good MBA institutes actually becomes a pleasure. Meeting deadlines and completing projects becomes enjoyable. Most importantly, you make some excellent friends, and develop as an individual on the whole.

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