Montessori School Education, Method & Teaching

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Talking with
Allison Frederick Harteis
Director and Montessori teacher

She holds an AMI diploma (Association Montessori Internationale)
and has been working in the field for 20 years.



teach 3-6 year olds.

montessori school:
multi-age group.
kids can work independently.

no grades, less competition.

kids follow their interests within the school,
they make the choices.

Sounds demonstration.
engaging tactile, visual, audio senses.

wooden toys, non branded, no electrical toys.

aesthetically pleasing toys
makes you want to play (any age!)

Math section.
rods and numbers.
decimal system.

Distinctions of Montessori School:

*Hands on learning.
more so than public school.

*multi age in montessori.

*self directed learning.

*child has their own time, no rush.

*multi-discipline: reading , science, etc..

*practical skills, life skills emphasized. (washing tables, cleaning table etc..)

*being outside, outdoors encouraged, emphasized, done!

Please come in and observe a day at Montessori School.


are kids happy?
are kids challenged?
does look orderly, clean , beautiful?
do you want to be there,
then your child will!

thank you Allison!

hope this is helpful
and give those interested
more confidence and understanding
of a Montessori school.

please like, share, comment, subscribe
all those crazy things we do
in this digital (sometimes overwhelming) age!

thank you,
for your time and attention.

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“We have a wonderful time each day,
without the feeling of being rushed
through our work or play.
The community of children and adults
really come to care for each other
and feel cared for.

This is often the first experience
for a child away from home and family.
The classroom and outdoor environments
have been specially prepared for them,
so the transition away from home
is often very gentle and easy. “…….Allison

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