Masters and Doctoral Online Education Degrees – American College of Education Canvas LMS

Benefits of the ACE experience

– 24/7 accessibility to coursework
– Robust online library of historical publications, current research, periodicals, and journals
– 5-week master’s level courses that are compatible with a working professional’s lifestyle
– Quality instructors – 100% of faculty have doctorates
– Collaboration with classmates across the country
– Online learning and teaching concepts that help educators relate to today’s digital natives
– Immediately applicable and relevant curriculum to help advance your career

Our state-of-the-art course software, Canvas

– Students’ questions answered in one place within 24 hours
– Coffee Chat, discussion boards, and more to encourage conversation and collaboration while keeping your personal information private
– Interactive calendar and structured courses that make it easy to plan your schedule
– Campus guide including contacts from all departments in the College
– Library guides and tutorials to help you best utilize our online library resources
– 24/7 accessibility from any browser including most mobile devices
– Canvas iOS app available for iPhone

A student experience designed for success

American College of Education is committed to providing you with a meaningful student experience, with personal attention from enrollment through graduation. Student Support is ready to assist you every step of the way and offer prompt assistance on matters concerning your academic program. From your initial contact through graduation and beyond, our faculty and staff are dedicated to your success.

American College of Education faculty and staff members are committed to:

– Providing you with a thorough orientation to your program
– Identifying the resources available to help you get a solid start
– Informing you of important benchmarks and deadlines
– Serving as the front line of support for all your needs, from account management to technical support

About American College of Education
With a range of master’s and advanced online degree programs and subject-area graduate credit certificates, American College of Education equips teachers and other professionals with practical tools and strategies to apply better leadership, stronger curriculum, and new technology to add value to their school, work, and learning communities.

The mission of American College of Education is to deliver affordable online education degree programs that provide evidence-based content and relevant experiences to improve educators’ knowledge, skills, and performance.

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