Master of Education, Master of Educational Leadership and Master of Higher Education

Postgraduate Studies in Education
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Postgraduate study can be undertaken by way of the Master of Education, Master of Higher Education or Master of Educational Leadership. Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma programs are also available through which you can study components of a Masters degree and transfer to the full degree when you are ready to do so.

Course descriptions
The Master of Education is a cohesive program of studies designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and professional development of educators and others with an interest in studies in education.

The Educational Leadership Program is a postgraduate program for those aspiring to or in formal positions of leadership in the early childhood, school, or VET and Higher Education sectors. The Master of Educational Leadership degree, and related postgraduate certificate and diploma programs, are focused on addressing relevant issues in education today through the application of theory and research in ways that contribute to workplace improvement and career path progression.

The Master of Higher Education is a flexible program for those wishing to study higher education and higher education development.

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