John Roman, Physical Education Teacher

John Roman says he enjoys working as a physical education teacher at Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning because he gets to “work with a wide variety of kids, from preschool to middle school.” Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning was the first school chartered in District 49. It opened in 2000 with just one class of preschool students. It now serves hundreds of students, from preschool to eighth grade.

Roman was born in Sacramento, California, but raised in Colorado Springs. He graduated from Rampart High School in Academy School District 20. He earned his bachelors degree in K-12 physical education, with a coaching minor, from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska. Roman just started his third year at Pikes Peak School of Expeditionary Learning.

“I’m kind of changing the culture of PE from ‘roll the ball and play’ to actually teaching kids skills to be active, and want to be active, for a lifetime.”

When he’s not energizing the charter school’s student body, Roman says he enjoys doing anything that gets him up and moving, too.

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