ISBerne Online Middle & High School – Part 2 For Students (Distance Learning & Home Schooling)

This video for prospective students is Part 2 of two videos which together form the longer ‘Introduction to ISBerne Online’ video created for prospective parents, students and others. (For more information please see:

We hope this video is helpful in giving an introduction to the ISBerne Online Middle & High School, the sister school of the private International School of Berne (ISBerne), which offers accredited, high quality online distance learning and home schooling options for anyone (anywhere) seeking a virtual high school education on the Internet.

Our students are global, studying our proven, high developed and accredited curriculum from all over the world – wherever you are, ISBerne Online is the right choice for you!

With ISBerne Online you can study a High School Diploma and also Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. You also have the (optional) chance to participate in Campus Residency and Study Abroad programs and this video is about how we are a part of a real “bricks and mortar” school with a campus in Bern (the capital city of Switzerland) and as a student studying with ISBerne Online you have the unique option to visit the ISBerne campus if you want to participate in different learning weeks, excursions etc with other ISBerne students, meeting fellow students and teachers, having new learning experiences and lots of fun.

For full details about studying with ISBerne Online and how the school can help you achieve your ambitions for College, University and work, whether studying at home or while traveling, from anywhere in the world, please see the website:

We look forward to hearing from you soon – please contact us or complete an enquiry form if you have any questions or would like more information.

The ISBerne Online Team

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P.S. Did you see Part 1? If not please watch Part 1 which explains how studying with ISBerne Online is the number 1 choice for online, virtual learning opportunity on the web!

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