Inclusive High School Education – Jacob’s Story

It is with much excitement that we are able to let you know of this new film, Inclusive High School Education: Jacob’s Story.
Our organisation believes in the very real possibilities that people with disability can and should have in our society. Now, more than ever, there are emerging opportunities that families can embrace and shape to bring about a good life for their sons and daughters, a life full of potential and learning’s. School is one stage in life where we learn to become an adult, form our viewpoints, determine our social peer groups and be an individual.
Families often express how valuable it is to hear from other families about their experiences, what are others doing out there in the real world?
We decided to make this film in order to provide families with this experience of one student’s journey through primary to high school and showcase how Jacob’s school is adjusting and providing for him to have the same opportunities and school life as every student in the regular class.
Please do watch, enjoy and share this film with others who would like inspiration from Jacob, his family, friends, teachers and school community.

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