How to write your statement of purpose, personal statement and essay for American graduate programs

Whether you are applying for an LLM, MBA, PhD, Masters, MSc, or any other graduate degree, and whether this is to Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, University of Florida, New School or any other School for that matter, you are most likely asked to submit a document that shows that you are the perfect candidate for their program. In Law School, this document is typically called a “Personal Statement”. In business school, this is the “MBA Essay”. In Engineering, Education, Social sciences, and the Sciences, the relevant term is “Statement of Purpose”. The name is, of course, not the only difference. Each school, program, and degree requires what THEY think is relevant. The common feature of all, though, is the need to show that you and the program are a perfect match. Some general tips to achieve this goal can thus be highly relevant. Watch this video to learn more and visit

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