How to Choose a Psychology Graduate Program

This video presents advice from the Department of Psychology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (located ~20 miles northeast of St. Louis, MO) on choosing psychology graduate programs. SIUE has long offered high-quality masters degrees in industrial/organizational psychology, clinical adult psychology and clinical child and school psychology. It also offers a specialist degree in school psychology.

In some ways this video serves as a warning to prospective graduate students. Although many more graduate school options are available today than were available in the past, prospective graduate students need to be more careful than ever. Many of the newest graduate programs are of low quality (e.g., they admit almost everyone who applies and keep costs low by employing a high proportion of part-time faculty). These same low-quality programs have a poor record of preparing students for the workforce and leave their graduates burdened with huge loans to pay off. It is more important than ever to look at the facts about what a program will cost, how you will pay for it and how long it may take to pay off debts.

However, plenty of high-quality, reasonably-priced masters and doctoral psychology programs are available all over North America (and elsewhere in the world). Tens of thousands of people graduated from such programs last year and are finding appropriate employment and financial stability. If you’re a good student and you seek a professor’s help, you should have no trouble finding several graduate programs that are right for you.

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