“High School in China” – Inside of Chinese High Schools (Part 1)

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Many factors play into China’s booming economy – one of which is its education. So, how do the Chinese do it? I found out through this interview with several students in two Chinese high schools. See the difference in the education of the other side of the world.

Part 1 includes an overview of two Chinese high schools in the city of Dalian, China. These two high schools, Dalian 20th High and Dalian Yuming High School, are in the top 5 of all high schools in Dalian, and must only accept students who score very well on the high school admissions test. What struck me was the size of the two schools. The campuses are almost the size of an ordinary college campus in a city in the US. What’s also interesting is that Yuming is planning to move to an even larger campus very soon, one that is almost 6 times larger. These high schools not only resemble colleges in their size, but also the fact that students can live on campus in dormitories. Unlike in the US where high school students are usually allowed to choose their individual courses and electives, the students in China can choose only from two different sets, one for the liberal arts, and one for the sciences. The homework students receive in China are also much different from that in the US. Most of their homework is written (solving problems and writing essays). However, a certain course in 10th grade provides the students an opportunity to complete a research project of their initiatives. Even though the schools in China are much more structured than in the US and that the students spend most of their time doing schoolwork, they still have the time to participate in a variety of clubs and activities, including hip-hop clubs, art clubs, and community service groups. As with the other parts, I concluded the video with the interesting slogan I found on 20th High – “A nation’s future is determined not on the battlefield, but rather in every classroom.”

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