Halloween Facts (Pumpkins) | Halloween Video for Kids | Educational

Halloween Facts (Pumpkins) | Halloween Video for Kids | Educational
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Halloween is magical. You could even say it’s Funtastic, just like our fact of the day!
Halloween wouldn’t be the same without pumpkins.
Jack-o-lanterns are fun.
But pumpkins weren’t used for the first Jack-O-Lanterns.
Can you guess what people did use?
Nope. But that would be tasty!
How would you put a candle inside of that?!!
Give up? People used turnips!
Yeah, I don’t get it either.
People used carve scary faces into pumpkins to scare evil spirits away
What’s the best thing about carving a pumpkin?
The guts of course!
The fastest time for carving a pumpkin was 16.5 seconds.
Pumpkins are just part of Halloween. Just like costumes and scary decorations.
Ha, ha! Very funny! Who put this here again?
What do you mean you didn’t.
Uh, please see our Funtastic, uh, News for more scary Halloween fun.
I’m out of here!

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