GrantAnswers LLC $250,000+ Graduate School Education Scholarship Fellowships Grants

After 7 years working together, this current graduate student gives a testimonial describing the impact of the Founder of GrantAnswers on her academic and personal life. To date, she estimates earning over 0,000 worth of funding through his assistance.

GrantAnswers ( is a social enterprise that provides expert services and tools to help promising students secure scholarships, grants and admissions. Its services operate through contracted partnerships with schools, government agencies, CBOs and companies.

GrantAnswers was inspired by the Founder’s success in helping students earn over million in grants & scholarships for college/graduate study.

Shortly after launching in NYC in late 2013, GrantAnswers has already established partnerships with organizations such as the New York City Department of Education, the largest school system in the U.S.

Twitter: @GrantAnswers

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