GPSE 2015: Getting into a Teacher Education Program

In this Graduate & Professional Studies Expo (GPSE) panel, representatives from Teacher Education Programs across Ontario talked about getting into each particular program. These professionals offered advice within admission requirements, downfalls to avoid, and much more. This took place on October 22, 2015 at 103 McLaughlin College (Career Centre Presentation Room).

Participating Panelists
Cindy Barnes: Program Advisor: Western University, Faculty of Education
Joanne Chartrand: Academic Administrator: University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education
Vanessa Grafi: Manager Student Services: York University, Faculty of Education
Jessica Lee: Education Enrolment Advisor: Trent University, School of Education
Abigail Ruggi: Faculty of Education Recruiter: Wilfrid Laurier University, Faculty of Education

Panelist Introductions & Program Overview
00:11 Vanessa Grafi
1:50 Jessica Lee
3:39 Cindy Barnes
4:50 Joanne Chartrand
6:10 Abigail Ruggi

Q&A Overview
1. What are the specific admission requirements for the specific teaching levels? 8:09
2. What makes an application successful? What are some common pitfalls that should be avoided? 21:09
3. What are the volunteer requirements? 27:36
4. How recent should the experience be? 29:06
5. How do the AQ courses work? 29:39
6. Do extra curriculars count towards experience? 30:31
7. What is the methodology as to what is added towards the average? 31:05
8. What are some examples of conditional offers? 31:36
9. What percentage of your graduates from your program are successfully transitioning from the field upon graduation? How were students finding jobs? What support does your institution provide? What alternative occupation are your students finding work in? 39:18

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GPSE 2015: Getting into a Teacher Education Program Panel

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