Gonoshahajjo Sangstha (GSS) Primary Education Model (Anandaniketan Primary School)

The Active Learning Model of GSS is a modest but “proven” product. It has performed well even when replicated in 700 schools across Bangladesh. It is home-grown but has incorporated the most advanced elements of teaching learning.

It has been widely acknowledged by the donor community as one of the best models in the developing world.

GSS has demonstrated that if children are able to have the best and the most challenging time of their day inside the classroom learning by doing, every child in the community regardless of girl or boy, background and ability attends, stays and achieves in school.

The challenge is to make the schools sustainable. To help, contact gssbangladesh@gmail.com

The 15-minute video briefly describes the key elements of the GSS Primary Education Model which are continuously being strengthened. The video, made in 1997, was directed by Catherine Masud.

For more info on the model, pl. visit the official website:www.gssbangladesh.org

contact info
Gonoshahajjo Sangstha (GSS)
44 Shahid Tajuddin Sarani
Tejgaon, Dhaka 1208
Ph: +8802-8819059
email: gssbangladesh@gmail.com

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