Do you need a college degree for sales job? What education is needed for sales – Scott Sylvan Bell

A college degree is a way for some people to land their first job. For plenty of industries a college degree is not needed to land a job in sales. There is a common question of “Do I need to have a college degree in order to get a job in sales”. The answer is going to depend upon the industry and their requirements. Jobs like pharmaceutical sales, specialized industries and even some Fortune 500 companies may require degrees. In some cases the Fortune 500 companies may dictate the type of school the degree is from mandating it is form the Ivy League Colleges. There are quite a few industries that do not care about a college degree and over 6 figures can be made. There are sales jobs doing in home sales, cars, transportation, insurances and investments are all places to get a start and learn how to close. There are plenty of closers in the world of sales who have never even graduated high school.

This video was filmed at Magic Island Honolulu Oahu January 6th, 2017

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