Debate: “Teaching character education in schools is a waste of time” | 04.11.2014

Both Nicky Morgan and Tristram Hunt have recently argued for schools to do more to teach ‘character, resilience and grit’. It seems likely that whatever the result in 2015, this will become an increased area of focus for schools. But are these skills really important, and most importantly can they be taught in an effective way which addresses the problems identified? This event will pit two sceptics of the role of formal teaching of character skills against two vociferous defenders of its merit to explore the issue further.

Debating for the motion:

Toby Young – Associate Editor of The Spectator & co-founder West London Free School

Martin Robinson – Author “Trivium 21c”

Debating against the motion:

Dr Anthony Seldon – Master of Wellington College

James O’Shaughnessy – Managing Director, Floreat Education


Jonathan Simons – Head of Education Unit Policy Exchange

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