Crappy American college education

Warfare-Welfare State

American education is Intellectual Lobotomy, which is part of the reason America can’t intellectualize itself out of its problems; And Americans pay three times more on it than any other country in the world!

In NYC, a school janitor gets tenure after 10 years; a pension at 55 yrs, and a six figure salary!

The only “legal” so-called ideas in America are pitched on Corporate Prospectus to solicit money on the stock exchange

For example: Obama has NEVER earned a paycheck in his life — And now he is suddenly qualified to run America’s banks, insurance industry, automotive industry, health care, etc.,?!

The world’s largest economy is now running a trade deficit worth 6.5% of its annual turnover (economists get nervous about any figure above 3%)

Fines UBS bank 700 million for tax evasion then gave them 5 billion in free tax payer money!

Their education was designed by Rockefeller & Dewey – Who used the writings of Hagel & Wundt, (the creators of communism). American education is nothing more than social conditioning

Finally, bankrupt, the Americans have what they deserve!

Longest period of time USA has gone without bombing someone: 2 years

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