#CareerTalk 4: Should you go for Higher Education/Master/MBA

I share with you my thoughts on higher education and help you figure out if graduate studies are for you. To make the best decision consider this:
– The program/course should entirely suits you 100%. If not you need to find something more suitable to you, worth your precious time and money.
– Is the timing right? There’re many different paths you can take. A good alternative is to get a couple of years of working experience after a Bachelor’s degree OR extending your studies for a few years while completing your program part-time being employed in your field of interest.
– Don’t be afraid to explore! The quicker way to ensure a career path is for you is to jump right into it and experience it. The sooner you go to work so sooner you can realise what works best for you and what doesn’t.

Going for graduate studies is nowadays very expensive and time consuming. Do you have to do those 5 years of university or school straight out of A level?
Too many students don’t choose wisely and end up with a Master on their resume without any job prospects or career choices.

Be sure to spend your money & time carefully to make the best out of your career and life.

Did you find a better option than 5-year-of-graduate-studies?
What alternatives have worked best for you?

I would really love for you to share you story with me.

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