ASMR Fountain Pen Sound: Korean Language Education 1 (No Talking)

This is a fountain pen sound ASMR that contains Korean education. Basically, I explain the Romanization, but my goal is to make it easy to read Hangul. As it is the first course, there is a long explanation in front. Please leave a comment if you want to read a word or simple sentences of korean. I may record them. Let’s learn two words: “안녕하세요.”(Hello) and “감사합니다.”(Thank you).

I quoted the regulations on Hangul from the National Institute of Korean Language( There may be errors in my work. So please check that site for details.

I tried to answer all comments, but I’m sorry I couldn’t do that recently. I will try to answer as much as possible. Thank you.

– Time stamps
04:39 Vowels and consonants.
06:07 Some rules.
10:28 안녕하세요(Hello).
12:37 감사합니다(Thank you).

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– My Equipments –
Mic 1: Roland CS-10EM microphone. (sometimes installed in the mannequin)
Mic 2: MOVO LV4 Omni microphone. (installed in the white silicone ear tube)
Recorder 1: Zoom H1 recorder.
Recorder 2: Zoom H4n Pro recorder.
Camera 1: Panasonic DMC-G7
Camera 2: Samsung Gear 360
Lens: Lumix 14-42mm bundle lens.

iceBall ASMR. (아이스볼 ASMR)

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