Amboseli Primary School, Kenya Primary Education

Amboseli Primary School, Kenya Primary Education, Kenya Education System, Visit More Maasi Village
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Amboseli Primary School
When we first began our partnership with the Amboseli Primary School, the school’s most pressing priority was a new hand pump for the village well. Upon investigation, we decided to build the village a brand new well—which required workers to dig an astounding 140 feet before striking water. Our support has also helped fund solar lighting, water filters, teacher supplies, and books. There is still a great deal to be done—including the purchase of uniforms and additional textbooks and supplies for the school.

Lemong’o Primary School
The newly formed partnership with the Lemong’o Primary began in 2014 and hopes to bring much needed support to this small school. With just 63 children enrolled, ages 6-10, Lemong’o currently receives very little government funding and is in need of textbooks, exercise books, and writing utensils for their students. Grand Circle Foundation hopes that this partnership will provide for the school’s needs for years to come.

Due to the young age of the students, small gifts such as toys, crayons, pencils, and chalk are welcomed.

Year-round, with vacation periods from early April through early May, early August through early September, and late November through early January

Gifts to bring if you’re visiting:
Composition books
Pencils and erasers
Chalk for the chalkboard
English-language textbooks
Photos and postcards from your home town
Books on environmentally friendly areas

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