After School Education

So, in today’s education system, there’s intense pressure on schools to keep up with legislation, continue to post high performance in benchmarks like STEM and CORE Competencies and ensure students improve and grow. And because there’s never enough time during the school day, after school programming, or expanded learning, has become an increasingly important component to accomplishing those goals. Unfortunately, schools are struggling to find programs they can count on, that are proven to engage the students, and that actually make a difference in the community.That’s where we come in. We’re Woodcraft Rangers, and we’ve been ahead of the curve for over 90 years. We know that variety is indeed the spice of life — and our NVision program reflects that adage. Our activities range from soccer to robotics, from video production to dance. And partners like Nike, AquaBall and Matthew McConaughey’s J.K. Livin foundation help us bring totally unique experiences to our kids — like the Sk8 program. We take input and direction from the youth in our programs and use it to plan activities they’re truly interested in. But we know — getting youth engaged isn’t enough. Successful programs collaborate with schools to help them achieve their academic goals. That’s where Woodcraft Rangers NVision is special – Whether a child is playing soccer or working on graffiti art, their Woodcraft Ranger leaders are always focused on infusing STEM concepts into the activities. What does that really mean? It means we help open student’s eyes to the ways their school work illuminates itself in their interests. And then we inspire them to follow through and become successful.And if that’s not enough to convince you, there’s always the numbers. 81% of Woodcraft Ranger LAUSD students graduate — as compared to 61% of the general population. And, long term participants in Woodcraft Rangers elementary school programs show improvement in math testing that is 10 times better than the state average. Pretty inspiring stuff.But we can’t do this alone. Whether you are an alumni or new to our programs, it takes a village, and a small donation of your time makes a huge impact. Whatever your passion is, Woodcraft Rangers can find a volunteer opportunity for you. And if you have a great story to tell from your days as a Woodcraft Rangers, shoot us a line. Either way, we’d love to have you as part of the family. Making an impact on children’s lives doesn’t come easy — and it doesn’t come cheap. We’re determined to continue this transformative program for another 90 years, but we can’t do it without you. Join our distinguished list of funders – Contact us to find out how you can support this organization today.Literally. We need schools like yours to partner with. You need proven programming that you know works. And with years of results that matter, unique and innovative programming, and STEM and Common Core-based activities, you can be confidant Woodcraft Rangers will improve your school’s performance. Contact us to find out more!

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