Accredited Online Bachelor’s Degree


Typically, accredited bachelor degrees are offered through a 4 year period in universities and colleges. Bachelor degrees require over 120 credit hours. Most bachelor degrees are divided into 3 areas which include general education, elective courses, and major courses. Students can complete 2 bachelor degrees, Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc or BS):

Bachelor of Arts (BA) – the BA degree is a 4 year degree which requires about 120 – 128 credit hours. The curriculum for BA degree includes coursework in liberal arts, social sciences, humanities, music or fine arts.

Bachelor of Science (BSc or BS) – this degree is also a 4 year degree which requires about 120 – 128 credit hours. The curriculum for this degree includes sciences which focus primarily on physical and life sciences.
A list of bachelor’s degrees offered by accredited colleges and universities are given below:

Art and Design
Business Administration
Business Leadership
Business Management
Communication Arts
Computer Information Systems
Computer Networking
Computer Programming
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Culinary Management
E – Business
Fashion Design
Game Software
Healthcare Management
Humanities and Liberal Arts
Human Resources
Information Technology
Interior Design
IT Business
IT Project Management
Marketing and Sales
Public Administration
Retail Management
Social Science
Technology Management
Tourism and Hospitality
Visual Communication
Web Development and Design
If you are earning your degree from a university that is not accredited then, it is frankly a waste of your precious time and money. Also most of the employers would not recognize a degree from a university that is not accredited and if you want to pursue an advanced degree, reputable universities usually limit their enrollment to students who have graduated from accredited degree programs, so it’s better that you earn your degree from a accredited university or college online. Moreover, earning an accredited online bachelor degree can in fact make enormous difference in your career opportunities and salary level.

Advantages of Accredited Degrees from Online Colleges and Universities
You can earn an advanced degree that leads to an substantial increase in salary
Online colleges require no commuting and saves time and money
You can complete your coursework when it is convenient for you.

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